Air Moving Image was formed by Multi-Platform Artist Film Maker VanessaJane Hall
& Mark Gilbert - Creative Technologist and Inventor, in 1998.

Whilst working for our partner company Gallery, we had the pleasure of working directly alongside George Lucas. This was a truly inspirational moment for us, as we had been considering starting a creative film making arm for some time, and inspired by George's technical mastery, passion, energy and fully immersive approach, we decided to form Air.

Our mission is to create audio visual works that often fall outside mainstream commissioning requirements due to the unusual cinematic or presentation style, the subject matter, or the extended research & development period required to support that creation. We feel it is essential to develop works that push the boundaries, offer an alternative experience, and promote the sphere of creative moving image making.

We have a combined background of over 40 years in Digital still and movingimage making, high budget film, television, broadcast, audio post production. We have been involved in many Hollywood movies, including credits on Star Wars Epsiode I & III, and our broad based involvement with both the artistic and technical aspects of filmmaking underlies our wealth of knowledge and skills. We have worked with the BBC, NBC, Fox, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, LucasFilm, Paramount, Sony and many other high profile studios and broadcasters, and our International network of industry friends & colleagues has given us a strong portfolio of talent to draw from, including Oscar nominated crew, and highly talented & experienced actors.

We are passionate about art and technology working in harmony, and choose to embrace emerging technologies and experimental techniques in our work.

We are passionate about what we do.
We are entirely committed to providing something...extraordinary.